How To Make Full Lace Wig?

Human Hair Wigs are quickly becoming everyone’s favorite method of hair extensions – and we understand why. They’re easy, fun and offer a lot of versatility. We’ve already shared why to choose real human hair wigs, but today we’re going to be breaking down how to make full lace wig

Firstly, What Is A Lace Wig? 

Make Full Lace Wig

A lace wig is constructed of a skinny mesh/lace cap. It is constructed to have a very realistic hairline. You can part the wig and it looks very natural. The wig appears as if the hair is growing right out of your scalp and hairline. You apply the lace to your skin with lace wig adhesive and the lace vanishes once adhered to your skin. Lace wigs are very versatile, and you can wear a high ponytail or updo. 

The Types Of Lace Wig 

Make Full Lace Wig

The Lace wigs include full lace wig and lace frontal wig. Both of them are breathable and comfortable to wear.  

Full Lace Wig: Full Lace Wigs are constructed with the entire cap being lace as well as the perimeter of the wig. Full lace wigs allow you to wear your human hair in high updos and ponytails and part the hair in any direction. When you apply the wig, you will have an undetectable hairline. 

Lace Front Wig: Lace Front Wig is constructed with lace only in the front of the wig and the remainder of the wig is constructed with a regular netted wig cap. You will not be able to wear a front lace wig in high up dos or ponytails and can only part it in the front lace area. 

Step By Step: How To Make Full Lace Wig? 

Make Full Lace Wig

Full lace wigs look natural and stay put when you put them on correctly. Put on your full front lace wig the right way so that only you will know that those luxurious locks are not yours. 

The full lace wig that we’ll create today makes that a reality for us. This technique will produce the wig that fits your needs and more importantly, your style. So let’s jump right in. 

What You’ll Need 

Flesh-colored wig cap 

Hair clips 


Cotton ball 

Isopropyl alcohol 

Scalp Protector 

Wig Tape 

Wig adhesive 

Cotton swab 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 1 

Put on a flesh-colored wig cap, tucking all of your hair inside the cap. Adjust the wig cap so it sits at your front hairline. If you don’t want to wear a wig cap, comb your hair back away from your scalp line. 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 2

Trim the lace on the full lace wig. This only needs to be done the first time you use your wig, and it does not need to be done if the manufacturer has already trimmed the lace. 

To trim the lace, put the wig on your head. Use hair clips to fasten the wig hair back away from your scalp line. Trim any lace that sticks out past the wig hairline using a pair of sharp scissors. 

Cut small amounts of lace at a time to avoid accidentally cutting too much. Be careful not to cut any of the wig hair. Leave a little bit of lace sticking out past the wig hairline, but no more than 1 inch. 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 3 

Clean the skin by your hairline with a cotton ball dampened with Isopropyl alcohol to remove body oils that could prevent the wig adhesive from sticking properly. 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 4 

Apply scalp protector to the skin by your hairline. This only is necessary if you have sensitive skin. 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 5 

Attach wig tape to the edges of the full lace wig. The tape is applied to the sides of the lace around the underside of thehuman hair wig. Wig tape can be used alone or in combination with wig adhesive. 

Make Full Lace Wig:Step 6 

Apply a thin layer of wig adhesive to your scalp using a cotton swab. Allow the wig adhesive to dry for the length of time recommended on the label directions.

Make Full Lace Wig:  Step 7

Position the full lace wig on your head. The easiest way to find the front-center of the wig is to part the hair on the wig. Parting the hair will reveal the hairline. The middle of the wig hairline should line up with the middle of your forehead at your hairline. Press down on the edges of the wig for five seconds to make the adhesive stick to your skin. Style the full lace wig as you desired. 

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