Clip In Hair Extensions Tutorial Video: Learn How To Use Clips With Wefts?

 clip in hair extensions tutorial videoSo, you have finally got an attractive set of hair extensions but have no knowledge of how to blend it with the clips. If yes, then you are coming to the right place. Plus, if you are searching for the complete guide on hair extensions clip, then clip in hair extensions tutorial video would be the best option for you. Here in this article, we will tell you how you can bend your hairs with clips. So, keep reading! 

In the section below, you will see step by step instructions on clip in hair extensions. If you have no experience and you wearing it the first time, then this guide is especially for you. With the help of this guide, you will easily understand the weft placement as well as the style of extensions blend with your original hair. 

Well, it is very usual for numerous women to get uncomfortable when it comes to extensions due to unfamiliarity. But after reading this step by step method, you will understand how easy it is. Meanwhile, hair extensions will transform your hair into voluminous locks and long hair without any harm. Does not that sound great? 

Tools required 

  • Your complete set of clip in hair extensions 
  • Brush with soft paddle 
  • Mirror 
  • Clip 

How to clip in hair extensions 

clip in hair extensions tutorial video

Untangle your hair 

Firstly, you need to brush your hair with a soft paddle brush and get hair free from tangles. Because of tangle hair will make your work hard. 

Use 3 clip weft 

Divide your hair into thin sections with the help of fingers at the neck nape and set your rest hairs by hair clips. Use brush and 3 clip weft it out before hair clipping. Start it from the bottom and remove every tangle. 

Measure the weft, and it should be perfectly fit with your sectioned hair. Now, on your head center and clip your hair roots by the middle clip. Once, the middle weft set the left section and then the right with the help of clips. So, the same method will use for every weft. 

Use larger 4 clip weft 

Separate hairs into thin sections about an inch beyond another weft and clip the remaining hair sections. This segment should be at the widest sections of the head. Now, brush it and make sure all the sections are secure perfectly. 

All these steps repeat again and again until you did. Remember, once you did ensure that your weft is secured perfectly as well as hidden properly. 

Wefts should be hidden 

Now brush your hair and make sure that every weft is hidden, mainly in the backside. If you feel something unset, then adjust it and enjoy your voluminous and long hairs. 


clip in hair extensions tutorial video

Just like anything else, clip in hair extensions also takes some practice for better results. But once you learn it, then it will take just some minutes for the set. 

If you have short hairs, then learn as per the clip in hair extensions tutorial video for simple blending. So, whatever your hair length is, you can easily learn how to clip in hair extensions. 

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