How the Hair Extensions 100 Real Human hair helps you?

Hair Extensions Virgin Hair Peoples in most part of the world want long hair and it is a dream of many of them. All want to have it as early as possible but it will not happen in one night. Hence, we have to do something innovative to complete our wish. In today’s world when everything is on the way of development. Our technology has found the way for it also. You can use Hair Extensions Virgin Hair and Remy Hair Extensions to give your normal hair a different look. There are several ways by which you can attach your hair to this extension. The first method is the clip method and next is the tap method.  

In the market there are three types of extensions are available. It is available in both the hairs. It is available in Remy Hair Extensions as well as in Hair Extensions Virgin Hair. Hence, one can choose according to their preference and budget that they want. But, when we talk about the real human hair extension therefore it is costly as compared to the Remy hair extensions. The different types of extensions are as follows:- 

Hair Extensions 100 Real Human hair Full Volume: –

This is the most popular type of hair extension which has the maximum no. of buyers. This is mainly used by persons who are suffering from hair loss or any severe disease. So, these extensions provide you full-length coverage to your hair. 

Hair Extensions 100 Real Human hair Light Volume Root Coverage: –

The women who want to add extra volume to their hair are using it more. It is also used by the women who want to cover their grey hairs. Therefore, it is very popular in high-aged ladies. These extensions simply add volume to your roots by clips.  

Hair Extensions 100 Real Human hair Length: –  

These extensions can be used with the full volume or with the light volume root coverage. Generally, these extensions are used to add different lengths as per the customer’s need.  

What is Hair Extensions Virgin Hair?

Hair Extensions Virgin Hair These hair extensions are donated by the single donor. These hair extensions are collected from the person who never colored or never made their hair chemically treated hence this hairs are chemically free. This Hair Extensions Virgin Hair is more durable and long-lasting. These hair extensions will give you that most natural look.  These extensions belong to the single donor so its cost is high.

What is Remy Hair Extensions? 

Hair Extensions Virgin Hair Apart from the Hair Extensions Virgin Hair, these hairs are collected from multiple donors. Some of the donors had colored their hairs, some had curled or some of them straighten their hair hence these extensions are full of chemical. Therefore, it is a mixture of different hairs colors. Due to the number of donors, these extensions are very less expensive as compared to the Hair Extensions Virgin Hair. 

Factors that distinguish Hair Extensions Virgin Hair and Remy Hair Extensions

  • The virgin hair extensions will not easily blend due to the different persons have a different color. But at the same time, Remy hair extensions will easily blend because it had several treatments. 
  • Remy’s hairs do not tangle because it has silicon coating on it however, the virgin hair extensions tangle due to its natural nature.  


Now, we know both Hair Extensions 100 Remy Human hair as well as Hair Extensions 100 Real Human hair. Hence now you can easily choose the hair extensions of your kind or your personal choice.  

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